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Welcome to HSMAI UAE

Welcome to HSMAI UAE, whose mission is to grow business at hotels and their partners through fueling sales, inspiring marketing and optimizing revenue.


Fuel Sales

Resources for sales professionals to fuel sales in their organizations, including articles, white papers, conference presentations, and templates


Inspire Marketing

Inspire your marketing by accessing resources such as case studies of the winners of the HSMAI Adrian Awards competition, insights from industry marketing leaders, and marketing templates.


Optimize Revenue

Optimize your revenue by incorporating principles from HSMAI's Revenue Optimization Conference (ROC) presentations, expert articles, and revenue management templates.


Fuel Sales | Inspire Marketing | Optimize Revenue


HSMAI is a global organization of sales, marketing, and revenue management professionals representing all segments of the hospitality industry. With a strong focus on education, HSMAI has become the industry champion in identifying and communicating trends in the hospitality industry while operating as a leading voice for both hospitality and sales, marketing