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This award is designed to recognise the effort of an individual in Sales, Marketing and Revenue within the hospitality industry. We are looking for innovative initiatives developed and implemented that were successful, unique, and creative.

  • Ground breaking initiatives developed and implemented (60 points)
  • Professional skills that you deployed to reach your goal (20 points)
  • Leadership and support provided to other staff in this initiative (10 points)
  • Personal milestones and career goals which progressed the project over the past 24 months (10 points)

Entrants must provide accurate descriptions for the judges to study

Name of nominee:

Company / Position :

Date of birth (DD/MM/YY):

E-mail :

Mobile :

Meet the nominee (biography): (up to 150 words)

Share some details of the challenges faced by the nominee (up to 300 words)

What efficiency strategies’ were incorporated to address this challenge? (up to 300 words)

Brief description of the initiative (up to 300 words)

Professional skills deployed for developing and implementing these breakthrough
improvements (up to 300 words)
eg: has the nominee completed any additional certification, been trained, spoken at events, etc

Results (up to 300 words)

What inspired this nomination? (up to 300 words)

Name of nominator:

Company / Position:

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