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HotelsCombined is the world’s leading hotel price comparison platform. Our technology cuts through availability and prices from all the top travel sites in one simple search, helping millions of travelersmake the right accommodation decisions every year.


We choose our supply partners carefully based on reputation, customer support, hotel rates and brand recognition. And by partnering with the most reputable online travel agents, independent hoteliers and hotel chains from around the world, HotelsCombined became a one-stop hotel search engine for travelers, offering the best range of hotel deals. We ensure that our key online players and local suppliersmaximize our users hotel search, for them to get the best deal on their hotel.


HotelsCombined provides real-time rates and availability for our users, listed in a simple way for users to navigate easily. The strong relationships we form with our partners ensures accuracy between the rates we display and the ones displayed on the booking site.


HotelsCombined is available in over 40 languages and delivers prices in 124 currencies. And is available as a mobile application for both iOS and Android, helping users find the best room rate in one quick and easy search.


For more details on HotelsCombined, please visit: www.hotelscombined.ae


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