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ZS and The Hospitality Sales & Marketing Association International (HSMAI) have partnered to develop this Voice of Revenue Manager (VoRM) study to better understand how Revenue Managers are allocating their time. Among the key findings:

  • More than half of RMs time is spent on non revenue generating activities (55% on average)
  • RMs spend on average 5 weeks of full time effort on RFPs and 6 weeks of full time effort on budgets (between 8 12 weeks total on just these two activities across chain scales)
  • RMs spend about 73% of their weekly time on non stakeholder facing activities and only 17% of time with stakeholders. 15% of their week is spent updating the many systems they interact with, and only 6% in revenue strategy meetings
  • RMs always review past performance on their revenue strategy meetings, but strategies for future months and promotions are not discussed regularly despite high importance to stakeholders
  • RMs in MEA struggle to influence stakeholders to accept recommendations. Less than 70% of  recommendations are accepted on average
  • Price recommendations from the RMS are overridden on average 25% of the time.

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