Asset Protection: Investing in Hospitality Sales Teams

Asset Protection: Investing in Hospitality Sales Teams

Free Webinar United Arab Emirates | HSMAI ME with Knowland

Wednesday, April 7, 2021 @ 4:00 pm GST | Webinar Session

As experts project the industry will recapture 80% of demand by the end of 2021, now is the time for asset owners and managers to stimulate growth by re-engaging sales teams. Protecting hotel assets will be more about sales than finance in 2021 and if you do not invest in your team, you will get left behind.

Topics include:

  • Optimizing smaller sales teams and budgets to win new meetings and events business
  • The benefit of selling based on Total Account Value
  • Must-do steps for a successful recovery

Attendees of this webinar will gain insights into the status of the global meetings and events industry as well as these actionable takeaways:

  • How to evolve from a transactional sale to a value-based relationship
  • How to redefine your competitive landscape beyond your traditional comp set
  • How to enable your sales team with the right skills, tools and training to capture emerging business.
  • How to maximize ROI by investing in your sales teams for optimal value and long-term asset protection


Asset Protection: Investing in Hospitality Sales Teams
Kristi White, VP Product Management, Knowland

As a hospitality veteran by trade, with three decades of experience in the hotel and revenue management side of the industry, Kristi has a pulse on the needs of hospitality meetings business. She has advised hundreds of hotels worldwide on improving their business and MICE strategy, hotel performance, and overall profitability. She is a recognized expert in hospitality revenue management, business intelligence and industry analytics. A frequent speaker at industry conferences and universities, Kristi is a founding member of the Board of Directors for the HSMAI Revenue Management Special Interest Group.

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